Sur&Plus continues its expansion in Asia to South Korea (Seoul). Also in this part of the world, we succeed in fascinating consumers with our architectural and timeless SUR & PLUS collection. Therefore, we feel very honoured and happy with our new client WELLZ in South Korea’s capital Seoul. This interior store is located in Gangnamgu, the most important quarter of Seoul. The quarter became also well-known thanks to the global hit “Gangnam Style”.

At the moment, our products are on their way to Seoul, where they will be arriving after a sea-voyage of approximately 4 weeks.

South Korea used to be a country that rather secluded itself from the rest of the world but it is now making an huge passing manoeuvre. In 2008, the city of Seoul set up the “Seoul Design Foundation” to give the Korean design industry a boost. Two years later, Seoul was awarded the World Design Capital designation by the ICSID (International Council of Industrial Design).

South Korea has about 50 million inhabitants. With more than 22 million residents, its capital is the second largest city in the world, after Tokio.

The South Korean economy is one of the largest in Asia and plays also a very important role worldwide.