NEW : Dune It's all about details..    

NEW : Dune
It's all about details..

We requested Roel Vandebeek to design a new lounge couch on the same basis as his successful model RAMBLA. He designed the new model DUNE for people who love comfort in combination with a timeless character and an extraordinary eye for details. The design reflects the philosophy of the designer and expresses his preference for simple forms with an own identity. 

This new lounge couch is innovating because of the openness of its design. It does not cut off spaces and will also fit perfectly in the middle of an interior thanks to the distinct finishing of its back. Thanks to his successful designing strategy, he always offers a perfect balance between functional and aesthetic values. In this way, he succeeds in designing a product that meets the most refined international taste.

The comfort of this couch is guaranteed by its soft, adjustable, down pillows. It is obvious that the model DUNE will distinguish itself and in its design, the resemblance with the unlimited success of the designer's previous model RAMBLA can be felt.