SUR &PLUS and Designers

Our designers draw their inspirations from everyday life, where they obtain a greater insight into the world of emotions for the new generation.  There they find the appropriate answers for both today’s needs and tomorrow’s ideas.

Our designers work with constant desire for renewal and pursuit of a more pure architectural and timeless living.  While their ideas are concentrated on originality and creativity, the needs of our customers are never far from their design process.

It is always fascinating to see our group of international designers experimenting with the current state of design and search for alternatives within their own personal vision while being firmly focused on the fact that customers remain the centre of our attention.  This is the strength of our design team! They are deeply committed to your future needs and expectations to create a‘surplus’ value for your interior environment.

I am confident that you will be convinced of their design philosophy which fuses innovative vision and passion for design in a perfect harmony.